Trailer Interchange

Trailer Interchange

As one of the fastest-growing transportation companies in the United States, KAL Freight provides Trailer Interchange service. This service involves a contract that covers the transfer of the goods being transported from the driver of one company to another en route to its destination. A Trailer Interchange agreement becomes significant when goods across long distances are hauled using semi-trailers.

When does a Trailer Interchange agreement come into play?

A company that relies upon any third party for its shipping and delivery requirements needs to contract out all the logistics requirements. Each of the deliveries under this contract is made within a predetermined region or network. A Trailer Interchange agreement comes into play when a particular package is picked up from the ambit of a specific logistical network but further channelized by another network. The agreement also outlines where and when a particular driver will transfer a fully loaded trailer to another driver for hauling to the next destination.

Benefits of Trailer Interchange agreement from KAL Freight

  • A simple and more efficient process as a single trucker doesn’t need to cover the entire distance
  • Switchability of trailers across different companies nationwide
  • Complete trailer protection caused by collision, fire, theft, explosion, or vandalism
  • Complete peace of mind to all parties involved
  • Understanding of where the concerned party’s liabilities lie concerning the trailer in use
  • Protection of business owners from various financial liabilities.


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