Reliable and Compliant End-To-End Logistics Solutions for The Healthcare Industry

As the largest transportation service provider in the industry, at KAL Freight, we provide reliable and compliant end-to-end logistics solutions to the healthcare industry.

Our healthcare supply chain solutions are digitally-enabled, safe, transparent, and natively multimodal. Having proven expertise and experience within the domain, we understand the need for quality, privacy, and compliance in the healthcare industry.

Highlights of our Full Suite of Healthcare Transportation and Logistics Services

Extensive network
Strict adherence to local and international compliance
Superior end-to-end visibility with agility, control, and speed
Experienced professionals
Sophisticated processes
World-class infrastructure
100% security and quality maintenance from pick-up to delivery.
GDP compliant practices
Optimized warehousing.

Kal Freight is the Ideal Company for your Healthcare Transportation Needs, Because:

We deliver with care

By choosing KAL Freight, you can stay assured that your healthcare supplies will be handled by skilled personnel with utmost care and concern. We understand the intricacies and complexities of the health care sector very well and its vulnerabilities as well. We deploy a layered security and safety approach to safeguard your shipments during each phase and at all steps.

We provide customized solutions

As the fastest growing healthcare transportation company, we believe that no single size fits all requirements of the healthcare industry. The products across the supply chain might require a custom-made arrangement for effective and efficient delivery. Hence, first, we identify the specific needs of our customers and then tailor the solutions accordingly. Be it raw materials, finished products or devices, intermediates, or any other commodity needing a temp-controlled environment, we arrange them all as per the precise requirements.

We chart out a strategic plan

At KAL Freight, we understand that the transportation of healthcare supplies is highly sensitive in many ways. Hence, be it temperature excursions or any security breach, we are very particular about everything. We conduct a comprehensive route risk assessment making use of an advanced IT system. This assessment enables us to plan out the most suitable routes where we can mitigate the risk factors.

We offer the best quality management system

We have developed a unique QMS support system to carry out the healthcare shipping operations as per the GDP standards. We thoroughly abide by all standardized operating procedures (SOPs) and strictly act according to the instructions provided. All our teams are highly trained with proper documentation of their training in the QMS charter.

Salient Benefits That You Can Expect From Kal Freight Healthcare Logistics Solutions

Compliance With GDP Guidelines.

Round-The-Clock Customer Service

Adherence To High-Quality Standards As Per The Industry Norms

Flexible And Secure Multi-Modal Capacity Options

24x7 Visibility At Your Fingertips

Ability To Fulfill Demands Of Seasonal And Unexpected Surges

Dedicated Services And Expedited Freight Teams

A Single Integrated Network Of Certified Life Sciences Stations

Compliance With GDP Guidelines.

Manage all your needs with one call.

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