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We are the right partner for all your retail shipping requirements. We deliver your products to retailers always on-time and in pristine condition. If your shipments need careful, well-thought-out handling, precise delivery times with end-to-end visibility, we are just a call away.

Today’s retail market landscape is continually evolving with tightening delivery windows and omnichannel trends, and we are well aware of what needs to be done.


We Keep your Business always on Track

At KAL Freight, we offer a comprehensive range of retail supply chain solutions. We not only help shippers overcome their logistics challenges but also improve their efficiency, be it orders with special delivery needs, everyday shipments, product recalls, or roll-outs. Our services encompass:

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Transportation modes for Retail Industry by Kal Freight

We offer well-tailored retail transportation services for both e-commerce and conventional markets. The following transportation modes help us make all the difference:

Types of Retailers We Serve

Retailers are always under pressure to stand out from the competition. Adaptability, scalability, and visibility are table stakes in the contemporary markets including both traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and online. We provide our customers with solutions that encompass all that matters. We not only improve our customers’ efficiency but also elevate their profitability and supply chain capabilities. Some of the leading retailers we serve are:

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Why Choose Kal Freight For Retail Transportation Needs

The sooner our retail transportation experts get involved in the planning and execution of your shipments, the better and smoother the operations become for you. When you choose KAL Freight as your retail logistics partner, you not only bring about efficiencies in logistics but also economies of scale, followed by troubleshooting problems as and when they take place.

Logistics shipping for retailers has always been one of our key focus areas resulting in the following KAL Freight advantages:

  • CoordinationWe help coordinate schedules to synchronize pickups and deliveries to meet your deadlines.
  • Ahead-of-market InnovationWe make use of advanced innovations including the best use of modern tools, technology, platforms, and apps.
  • Unique Supply Chain InsightsWe provide insider perspective and guidance helping you to always stay on track with farsighted supply chain insights.
  • Visibility & Market Intel for Flexible & Scalable CapacityWe have built a reputation for maintaining optimal scalability and flexibility with unique KAL Freight approaches as well as capacity management.
  • End-to-End Visibility and Radical TransparencyWe maintain end-to-end visibility and well-guided insights into all facets of the supply chain with round-the-clock data and transparency.
  • Reduced CostsWe explore all the opportunities to reduce costs by developing a plan that best suits your retail shipping needs.
  • Safe and Secure HandlingWith KAL Freight adhering to the highest standards of handling excellence and safety, you can always stay assured that each of your valued shipments is in responsible hands.


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