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Dependable Services at Optimal Cost

KAL Freight offers superb services to the food and beverage industry at optimal costs. The factors that turn the food and beverage industry towards KAL Freight include:

  • Our expertise in logistics as per the industry needs
  • Our ability to optimize the supply chain
  • Our warehousing facilities for delivering fresh, frozen, temperature-sensitive, and processed food and beverage just-in-time
  • Our approach to enhancing the efficiency of customers’ operations

Right from start to finish, we maintain the highest product quality standards across climatic conditions, seasons, and delivery targets. We can also meet all the challenges associated with sudden surges caused by promotional, seasonal, or unexpected demands. We have got the unmatched capability to deal with food and beverage contaminations and the associated safety challenges.

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Food & Beverage Transport – Visibility and Reliability

We have developed a comprehensive range of logistics solutions keeping in view the specific needs of the food and beverage industry. To manage the industry’s unique complexities, we provide our customers with smart booking slots as per their loading requirements. We are also particular about the goods that require specific equipment as well as paperwork. KAL Freight’s real-time visibility solutions provide customers with full visibility round-the-clock – be it goods or dynamic ETA.

We know very well that the food and beverage industry is characterized by advanced planning, lean supply chains, and always-tight deadlines. Hence, by providing them with real-time visibility, we not only unburden them from associated hassles but also increase their satisfaction level.

Kal Freight Helps the Food and Beverages Industry by

  • Maintaining and offering real-time visibility over shipments and ETA
  • Tracking carrier performance and controlling transportation costs
  • Integrating operations with ERP solutions
  • Ensuring utmost safety and security of the shipments
  • Executing all documentation and compliances
  • Adopting safe food management practices through food-grade containers and boxes
  • Scaling to meet seasonal, promotional, and unexpected surge demands
  • Deploying a network of specialists to meet the parameters of hygiene and security regulations.


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